Birthday Dress


Loving my new dress from Urban Outfitters! And it’s cut out in the back, making it very scandalous 🙂



Warm Weather!



We finally have a somewhat warm day and so I took advantage and wore something without any tights or jeans! I love this black dress because it’s simple and you can wear it with anything or if you didn’t want to wear something over it, there are cut outs on the back. But it’s super cute and I wore oxfords with this outfit. Have a good day 🙂




So over the knee socks are one of my favorite things to wear because during the winter you can wear them with anything, dresses, skirts or shorts. I like to wear panty hoes under mine, just so I’m not freezing and also because I hate having to pull them up every five minutes! But they’re super cute and I love them 🙂

My Favorite Ever



I cannot go to sleep without taking all of the dirt and makeup off my face from the day. I have tried a bunch of different makeup removers, from pads to liquid remover, and my favorite is Clinique’s makeup remover! It does a good job of taking all the makeup off without making your face oily or dry.

Outfit Fun



Cold weather brings nice, warm sweaters to keep warm and I am in love with today’s outfit! Boots are one of the best accessories for winter and everyone should have a pair! Next is the arm candy! Watches are my favorite thing, and are super cute to wear with any outfit! Stay warm with cute sweaters everyday 🙂

Christmas Fun!



So with Christmas coming around the corner, literally, everyone should be joining in on the fun with Christmas sweaters! Show off your fun side with sweaters that are sure to make people laugh! Throw one on, and show me if you want to because I would love to see!!
I will definitely have mine on 🙂

Sweaters Galore!


Sweaters Galore!

So I love the winter because I love cold weather clothes! I am obsessed with sweaters and pantyhose, so it seemed necessary to make a post about them! I found this sweater dress and I instantly fell in love! It’s long sleeve and super soft, and it’s long enough so that you can get away with pantyhose and don’t have to wear jeans or pants underneath!